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Our Approach

Our Approach

We are one of many subcontractors in the rebar assembly field. But we strive to set ourselves apart from our competitors with a innovation and integrity. Our family owned and operated company has never taken a penny of profits out of our company as we feel it is better to reinvest in our people, our product and our culture. With hard work and dedication we can help you complete your projects quickly and correctly.

Our Story

Our Story

The LaPointe family has been involved in rebar industry in Texas for nearly 40 years. Our dedication to the industry has been proven throughout the years with hard work and service through several service organizations. Megan has roots in management of both rebar supply and assembly firms. After many years of working for others, Megan LaPointe decided to start a firm that combined her skills from being the key member of multiple firms for over a decade. With support from Michael and Kyle LaPointe, MCL can provide full service Turnkey Rebar Subcontracting throughout Texas and Oklahoma.

Meet the Team

The LaPointes have been involved in construction in South Central Texas since 1982. Now as a combined family group we strive to be the best in our field and produce a quality product every day.


Megan LaPointe

Founder & President

A graduate of the University of North Texas with experience managing and operating rebar supply, assembly and turnkey rebar firms.


Kyle LaPointe

Operations Manager

A graduate of the University of Oklahoma with Civil Engineering degree. Kyle has extensive experience in concrete and rebar construction from pliers to plans.


Michael LaPointe


A marquee industry stalwart who has shaped the rebar assembly industry in Texas and the South Central United States. Michael has provided service and support for the industry for decades.

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